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Meerfruit\'s BV hasn\'t always been a strawberry company. Here you can read what has been done before... 


In 1968 Jan van Meer (senior) began building a pigsty. Together with his wife he ran a small pig farm, completed with the cultivation of vegetables. This company grew to a successful and bigger pig farm. 


Jan junior left school in in 1996. He decided to go to work at the elderly company, 

but problems in the pig-sector forced the two Jan\'s to cultivate more and more vegetables. A few years ago they decided to grow some strawberries, just to gain some more income.


But they went further. Good approach and mechanization resulted in a growing strawberry-department and specialization became a must. 


Ever since 2003 the company \"Meerfruit BV\" (taken over by Jan jr.) has been a company specialized in cultivating strawberries. It grew to one of the biggest suppliers in the district near Breda; 50 Hectares are being harvested.

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